What opportunities are offered through J-Life Africa?

There is a mission-field right here, in the northeast. Hundreds of thousands of teens go unreached. Now is the time to step up to the call as we seek to bring the hope of Christ to the lost and hurting. J-Life offers you unique, life-changing opportunities to be equipped and to impact youth in a local and international setting.

J-Life specializes in the Missionary Internship Program for young adults who are passionate about working with teenagers and have a desire to impact local and global communities for Jesus. Give a year of your life to make a meaningful impact on youth. Go deeper with God, receive practical youth ministry training and serve your mentored internship in a local church. You may choose to receive academic credit and/or go on an International Mission with J-Life Africa!

You may also be looking for some other short-term opportunities to make a difference. J-Life offers Saturday Seminars for youth volunteers, STeM, Summer Experience and Youth Worker training. Read more below…


Get involved


Youth volunteers or lay leaders:

  • Saturday Seminars - Spend a Saturday morning with other volunteer youth leaders in your area to be encouraged through learning, sharing, growing and taking the next step to improve your ministry.
  • Coaching and 2:6 Groups - Join a local group of youth workers that meets monthly or quarterly to Study, Train, Encourage, and Pray together.

Short-term programs…


Short-Term equipping Mission: Be practically equipped as a leader, volunteer or student leader to launch mission trips through your local church. Gain experience for labor projects and urban evangelism.

The Summer Experience: (6 weeks)
Come get a taste of what J-Life is all about! Serve and learn about local youth outreach and international missions for 6 weeks at J-Life South Africa. Click here for the application. Click here for an informational flyer. Contact us for further details. All applications are due by February 1.


Vocational programs…

Youth worker training: (Summer - 10 weeks)

Youth worker training provides you with the opportunity to go deeper in your walk with God and to be more equipped for youth ministry in your local church. Gain a deeper understanding for how to balance your ministry while engaging in Christ-centered community, fellowship and worship.


Missionary Internship Program:

Give a year of your life to make a meaningful impact on youth for Christ. Includes intensive summer training and 9-month internship:

  • Deepen your spiritual journey through Christian community and discipleship while engaging in practical training for life and youth ministry skills.
  • Go and serve! You will be placed, as part of a trained ministry team (3-4 interns), into a community where you will reach out to youth for Christ and develop a disciple making youth ministry. J-Life provides continuous training throughout the service internship with ongoing discipleship and mentoring.
  • J-Life offers a 6-week International Mission to J-Life Africa (Kenya, Zambia, Swaziland or South Africa) which is available as part of the missionary internship program!
  • Receive Academic Credit through your school, or college credit via Lancaster Bible College/New York School of the Bible, Columbia International University in South Carolina and/or Bethel College of Indiana.

Training : How does J-Life equip young adults for ministry?

The training session (10 weeks in residence) months practically equips and spiritually prepares you for relevant, disciple making youth ministry. J-Life interns will live on campus at the J-Life training center. You will have classes 6 days a week - featuring guest lecturers from various ministries and Christian college professors.

You are exposed to different ministries in the northeast and gain practical experience through community service and ministry opportunities. Personal development and spiritual growth is a huge emphasis of J-Life training as each intern is encouraged to learn, grow and serve with their gifts.


Service :What does serving with J-Life look like?

After completion of intensive training, J-Life ministry teams (made up of 3-4 interns) are placed into a community where you will plant youth ministries, coach leaders from a network of churches, reach their local communities and model disciple making for a 9 month period. J-Life continues mentoring and coaching for each team member throughout their service internship, as well as ongoing training on a weekly to monthly basis.

Each team is hosted by a local church where they empower leaders and reach out to the local community to impact youth for Christ. Our prayer is that each church will have trained and empowered leaders to continue the work after the team has completed its internship.


International Mission:

You have the opportunity to do a 6-week J-Life mission to one of our African training sites as part of their Service Internship. This mission exposes you to a global perspective for youth ministry.

If you wish to participate in an international mission, you will spend 8 months as part of a team at a local church and 6 weeks as part of an international missions team*. A program is designed for you including cross-cultural missions training and they will be led and coached by J-Life International staff and volunteers at one of our training sites in Africa.

Currently, we offer J-Life training in 21 countries throughout Africa with training centers in Zambia, Kenya, Cameroon, and South Africa.

*Note: Participating in an international mission requires additional fundraising for airfare.