I.L.D. USA: "Growing Leaders to Impact the World"

J-Life USA has become ILDUSA and our vision is "Growing Leaders to Impact the World". ILDUSA facilitates an "Intentional Leadership Development" process to grow leaders who build organizations that are making a difference!

In addition, ILDUSA continues to support the intentional leadership development of J-Life Africa (http://jlife.org.za/), Harlem Boy Scout Troop 5 (http://www.troop5harlem.com/), New Berlin Boy Scout Troop 61 (http://www.troop61newberlin.com/), and the New Berlin Youth Center, Inc. (https://www.nbyouthcenter.org/).

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ILDUSA is located in New York and our calling has grown to six continents. Soon the other tabs on this website will be updated to reflect our expanded vision. Please be patient as we experience the exciting pains of growth and change!


Intentional Leadership Development – “Growing leaders who build teams and organizations that are making a difference.”

Let’s let Dr. Phillips' numbers speak for themselves:

*As Assistant Professor and Chairman of the Christian Education and Youth Ministries Department at Nyack College (nyack.edu), student subscription to the majors in the department grew from 3 to 62 (or 11% of Nyack College's student population) from 1988-1993;

*As Director of Christian Education and Youth Ministries at Hopewell Reformed Church (hrcrca.org), the teenage ministry grew from 12 to 110 from 1992-2001;

*As Scoutmaster of Harlem Boy Scout Troop 5 (troop5harlem.com), the troop has produced 100's of young men from low-income families who are contributing positively to society as parents, valued employees, and ongoing volunteers in not-for-profit organizations across the USA since 1988, and many have become the first college graduates of their family;

*Metropolitan Missions of India (metropolitanmissions.org) has grown from 35 to 156 churches with our training, consulting, and investment since 1989;

*As Founder and CEO, Restoring Rockland, Inc.has provided “the highest quality housing for low-income families in Rockland County” and has purchased 33 properties from 1992-present;

*And now as Scoutmaster, New Berlin Boy Scout Troop 61 (troop61newberlin.com) has sprung to life again after 7 years of a lapsed charter that began in 1936 and has produced 75 Eagle Scouts in 75 years in a rural farming-based community in upstate New York.


ILDUSA is available to help your organization make a greater difference as we build leaders intentionally!!!

“One of my goals in life was to retire at age 40. I had saved $1,000 in the bank by age 11, had employees by age 13, had created a monopoly on all the 150+ Sunday morning newspapers delivered in my hometown by age 14, and bought out my two competitors while opening a storefront for my bicycle repair shop at age 15. I missed the age 40 goal as I took my last paycheck at age 41.5. Since then I have experienced great joy in volunteering across 6 continents to help leaders grow who build groups and organizations that are making a difference.” Kevin Phillips, Ed.D., Founder and CEO of ILDUSA


Are you passionate about growing an organization that is making a difference in this world?

ILDUSA can help your organization engage current and potential leaders in a life-changing process of Intentional Leadership Development (ILD). Take your F.A.T. members (Faithful, Available, Teachable) through a developmental journey in Spiritual Formation, Leadership Capacity, and Disciplemaking Lifestyle over the next 8-9 months!

Too often organizations rely on leaders developed elsewhere. ILDUSA will help you transform current and potential leaders over the next 8-9 months if you want to increase your impact and/or productivity. Call us today to start the journey together.

Our local communities need YOU. Now is the time to reach out and impact this generation of current and potential leaders. Take this opportunity to intentionally develop yourself as a leader and/or the people God has sent to your organization and/or community of faith. Grow the commitment to a daily lifestyle of meeting others' needs while being trained in relevant, vision and goal oriented servant leadership.

Our Mission:

Through holistic personal development in community with others who are like-minded, ILDUSA equips and mobilizes organizations across the world by intentionally developing leaders that impact the local and global community with a leading servant lifestyle.


Our Method:

ILDUSA offers current and potential leaders the opportunity to grow while serving and leading. ILDUSA provides the structure, support and some input to those who respond to the invitation to an intense period of training and application in leadership capacity.


Our Outcomes:

What will someone gain from joining an Intentional Leadership Development group in your organization?

  • Hands-on experience in serving and leading
  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • Effective tools to use as you expand your leadership capacity
  • Exposure to local and global contexts
  • Daily opportunities to serve in response to a growing awareness of others' needs


Our Claim:

Each organization can grow 5 or more leaders over the next year who will turn around and grow 5 or more leaders IF you as the leader commit a minimum of 2 hours/month personally to the ILD process!